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Our Products

Discover the Excellence of Guidry's Catfish

At Guidry’s, we pride ourselves on delivering premium catfish products, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
That’s why we offer and extensive variety of sizes and cuts of catfish. Whether you are a culinary professional or a home cook, our distinct foodservice and retail products lines ensure that you receive the best.

Freshness in Every Home

• Convenient Packaging: Our retail products are designed for convenience. They come in various portions sizes, perfect for family dinners or individual servings.
• Easy to Cook: Each product is ready to cook, making it easy for anyone to enjoy a high-quality catfish meal at home. Our packaging ensures freshness and simplifies storage.
• Quality for Everyone: We bring the same dedication to quality in our retail products as we do in our foodservice line, ensuring that every consumer enjoys the best of Guidry’s Catfish.

The Professional's Choice

• Wide Range of Products: Our foodservice line includes a variety of catfish cuts and sizes, perfect for any menu. From whole catfish to fillets, we cater to the unique culinary needs of restaurants and caterers.
• Bulk and Custom Orders: We understand that in the foodservice industry, volume and customization are key. Guidry’s offers bulk packaging options and works with clients to fulfill specific product request.
• Consistent Quality: Each catfish product is processed with the utmost care, ensuring consistent quality and flavor that your customers will love.

Our Catfish Cuts

Your Brand, Our Quality: Private Labeling with Guidry’s

For those seeking a personalized touch, we offer private labeling services. This allows you to feature our high-quality catfish under your own brand, providing a unique opportunity to impress your customers while maintaining the excellent standards of Guidry’s Catfish.

Join the Guidry’s Catfish Family

At Guidry’s Catfish, your satisfaction is our top priority. We invite you to explore our range of products and experience the difference that impeccable taste and unwavering quality can make in your culinary ventures.