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Our Farms

From Pond to Plant.

Sustainable and Responsible Catfish Sourcing:

At Guidry’s Catfish, our sourcing process is anchored in responsibility and sustainability. We carefully select our catfish from the finest waters, ensuring they are not only of the highest quality but also harvested in a way that respects the environment and local ecosystems.

Floating feed:

Our formulated catfish food is designed to float on the surface of the water. This floating feature allows the catfish to easily access and consume the nutrients present in the feed, makes it easier for us to monitor feeding activity, and reduces waste.

Compliance with government regulations:

We execute strict quality control measures at every stage & processing to ensure each order meets our high standards.

We comply with all local, state, and federal regulations, which underscores our commitment to producing catfish products that meet all quality and food safety standards.

From the pond to our processing plant:

We employ rigorous monitoring techniques, scrutinizing every process, from feeding and growth to processing and packaging. This comprehensive oversight guarantees that our fish not only meets but often surpasses the highest standards, assuring our customers of the finest quality in every product.

Transport trucks:

Our Farm-harvested catfish are transported live from the ponds to our facility on specially designed transport trailers that provide oxygen to our fish and ensure they are healthy and unstressed during transport.