Collar Bone Catfish – Frozen

Guidry's U.S Farm-raised IQF catfish collar-bone are carefully prepared and then frozen at subzero temperatures.  Our premium fresh tasting IQF collar-bone catfish are available in a number of sizing options.

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Guidry’s U.S. Farm raised IQF Collar- Bone catfish have been hand- trimmed  by trained individuals and then  flash frozen at sub zero temperatures. By doing so, we get a premium product that tastes fresh and cooks up tender and light.

Guidry’s IQF Collar-Bone catfish are available in a number of sizes and come packed in a bulk 15# box.

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 Product Options

Item Description Approximate Pieces / Case Product Code Number
15# 11-13 oz. Collar Bone 20 CBF11-13
15# 13-15 oz. Collar Bone 15 CBF13-15
15# 15-17 oz. Collar Bone 13 CBF15-17
15# 5-7 oz. Collar Bone 34 CBF5-7
15# 7-9 oz. Collar Bone 27 CBF7-9
15# 9-11 oz. Collar Bone 24 CBF9-11

Case Dimensions: 15 ¾” x 11 ½” x 6 ¼”
Case Weight: 15lbs