Catfish Strips – Fresh

Another great option for quick meals or get togethers are our premium Catfish strips! We love our superior catfish items and you too will enjoy the quality and flavor of these strips!

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Guidry’s U.S Farm-Raised catfish strips start out as select catfish fillets.  We then use special machines and trained individuals to carefully cut the fillets into  1-2 oz.  portions.  Our strips are made from premium U.S. Farm- Raised catfish which are raised in fresh water ponds and are fed specially formulated grain pellets that float on the top of water giving Guidry’s delicious catfish strips a consistently mild and sweet  flavor.



 Product Options

Item Description Approximate Pieces / Case Product Code Number
30# Catfish Strips 240 Strips/30
15# Catfish Strips 120 Strips/15#

Case Dimensions: 16″ x 23 1/4″ x 5 1/2 ”
Case Weight: 30lbs

Case Dimensions: 15″x 11 ½ “x 7”
Case Weight: 15lbs